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Trekking Pole


Rent premium trekking pole to get enhanced balance and steadiness allows you save a lots of energy while ascending and descending on a trekking trail. Rent Trekking Gear on affordable prices. It is much important to verify the trekking pole when you buy it that the tip of a pole shouldn’t be pointed out. Pole with cushioning to reduce the impact on joints. The shock absorber can be deactivated whenever you want.


1. Documents Required For Renting?

  • Copy of PAN Card/Aadhar Card/Passport/Driver’s License.
  • Security
  • Address Proof: Copy of Rent Agreement/Passport/Voter I card (an affidavit in case none is available).

2. Is There Any Delivery Or Pick Up Charge?

Yes, there are deliver or pick-up charges applied.


3. What If The Item Gets Damaged or lost?

Don’t worry. We at HRI understand that stuff happens. Our charges, if any, will be nominal and fair. We will go by our inspection team’s assessment on the same. We will provide you the details of the costs as well and adjust it against the deposit amount.

In the event of  a lost or unreturned item, HRI shall charge the cost of the full retail price of the items along with shipping charges and rental.


4. What Is Your Return And Refund Policy?

You’ve to return the item by the evening of on mentioned dates before the closing time of the store as per the rental agreement. Late charges to be applied of the whole day.


5. Do I need to clean the product before I return it?

No. Our team will do a thorough cleaning of the product on return. We will, however, appreciate you maintaining the product in a hygienic way.


6. Can I fix the damage on my own

Please don’t. We have professionals handy to do this the right way. In no case should you tinker with the product without calling and informing us.

7. I am a foreigner visiting India. How can I rent your products while I am in India?

Hello. We are happy to rent to you. Please email/what’s app us for any inquiries. Please note that in certain cases, we may need a higher deposit amount. This is of course, fully refundable – all of the same rules apply.


8. I want more choices in your product range. Can I expect you to expand your product catalogue soon?

You bet. We are looking to expand our product portfolio multifold, in quick time. But as a philosophy, we don’t want to provide multiple brands for the same product for variety’s sake. We believe in curating for you the best product for a particular need and will only list brands we like.


9. What cities do you operate in?

Currently, we deliver in Manali, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Srinagar, Leh.

10. Why do I need to pay a deposit? How will I get it back?

We have tried to keep the deposit as low as possible to cover for maintenance costs of product used by you. On return of the product, we shall process your deposit refund within 3 business days, as long as the product inspection confirms everything is in order.

Please ensure you provide us with your bank details in time for an online transfer of your deposit.

11. I loved the product I have rented. How can I keep it?

You may be able to. Please contact us atleast a day before the end of the rental period and we will provide you with a Buy price for the product.


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