Triund is one-day trek on the oldest migratory route followed by shepherds of Chamba and Kangra. Years ago, the Britishers began trekking to Triund on this route and today Triund is a poular trek route for the domestic as well as foreign tourists.

It’s a short trek of 9 kms from Mcleodganj, it takes 5 to 6 hours to trek.

View from Macleodganj…

Triund Situated at a height, more than of 2800 meters and surrounded by snow laden peaks of the Dhauladhar mountain range of almighty Himalayas.

Triund offers you a chance to be as close to the mountains as you could get in a short trek. Triund trek is open round the year, though a little difficult between mid December to February end as is covered in snow but it’s more adventurous with snow.

During other months of year, those who want to catch up with snow shall trek further ( 5 kms ) to Ilaqa Glacier, which is permanent snowline. Further one can go scaling the Moon Peak or crossing the Indrahar Pass towards Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. The length of the trek makes it apt for a weekend.

How to reach Triund

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First you need to reach Dharamshala i.e. well connected via road from Delhi and Chandigarh. After arriving Dharamshala Bus Stand/ ISBT, you can board bus for McLeodganj or shared taxi ( both are nominal ) or special booked taxi. You can start your trek from McLeodganj or hire taxi till Dharamkot or Gallu Devi temple because no bus service available above then McLedoganj & bad condition of road.

The nearest railway station is Pathankot is about 85 km from Dharamshala. You can hire taxi or board in state transports bus/ Volvo from Pathankot till Dharamshala & then to McLeodganj.

Gaggal Airport is nearest airport to Triund.  which is also known as Kangra Airport. From Kangra airport you can hire a taxi & reach McLeodganj.

Trek Starting Point

The trek to Triund starts from Gallu Devi temple, where people going for this trek are may be asked to register their names. From Mcleodganj, a person first must reach Dharamkot via auto or you can simply get a taxi straight to Gallu Devi temple. There is a small route via near to Primary School of Dharamkot which leads straight to Gallu Devi temple in case a person wants to save up on the cab charges.

Beginning of Triund - Heaven Riders India
Beginning of trek…

The trek mostly is a straight route up to Triund. The distance is 9 kilometers and usually takes about 4-5 hours. On the way there are 3-4 small cafe shops that serve usual things that a trekker might need like eatables, water, tea / coffee etc. but that too at rates more than McLeodganj. The scenic beauty on the way is quite absorbing, provided it does not get cloudy.

Gallu-Devi-Temple on Triund Trek by Heaven Riders India
         Gallu Devi Temple…

There’s also an another way to trek Triund from Bhagsu Nag. If you are at Bhagsu Nag, You can follow a steep trek on the left of German Bakery, which goes through shops and a temple and then Bhagsu Nag village and will finally end at Gallu Devi Temple. (This is a shortcut but a hard trek and will consume most of your energy, try to avoid it).

Gallu Devi Temple, Triund Trek
Gallu Devi Temple

After reaching Gallu Devi Temple, here you will come across another cafeteria/shop named Rest A While with a small water pond and which is operational since 1988. Gallu Devi Temple is on top of the shop and another perfect one named Sun & Moon Cafe.

Triund top during winters trek
Triund top during winters

There is no provision for electricity and toilets up there and the mobile signals are hard to find. After it gets dark, the torches come handy so you must have a torch. The stars present a magnificent view at night.

Reason behind the name ‘Triund’

The reason it called Triund is because of the 3 mountains that a person can see from that point. These 3 snow covered mountains are usually snow capped throughout the year, so Tri means three and Und means mountains.


Triund is an adventure and nature lover’s paradise. It turns you into a storyteller. There is one 4-room Guest House of HP Forest Department. Bookings for this guest house are done prior in McLeodganj or Dharamshala. However if you don’t have the booking’s done, if space available there, the caretaker may let you in after paying fees fixed by department and you also get dinner & breakfast there but you have to pay separately for that, More information can be found on Himachal Tourism’s website.

Recently forest department puts ban on camp stay at Triund.

Baisakhi Ram, care taker of Forest Department Guest House, Triund
Baisakhi Ram, care taker of Forest Deptt. Guest House

You can also pitch a tent or lay out in open in a sleeping bag other then winters or you can also take shelter in some rock caves nearby. Don’t worry about bears, leopards or other wild animals. There aren’t any in this area. Tents are usually available up there other than snowfall season. During the night, you can sit around a bonfire with all your friends, share ideas, crack jokes or sing.

Another private guest house is also available there but that is more costlier other then Forest Departments guest house. If you have budget according to their rates, you can spend night there.

Must have things with you

  • Woolen inner-wear’s & shocks, Waterproof Gloves for winters & Monsoon, Cap/ Balaclava.
  • Trekking Shoes. Shoes should have good grip, ankle support and waterproofing.
  • Wind & Water proof jacket, Trek pant.
  • Cold cream and sun screen lotion (SPF 40+).
  • Trekking / Hiking Poles (at least one – mandatory).
  • Personal toilet kit (minimal) and toilet paper & most important ADVENTURE SPIRIT

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