Manali is one stop travel destination for all adventures like Mountaineering, Trekking, Paragliding, River Rafting, Biking Trips, Jeep Safari, Cycling Trips, River Camping. Manali is the hub for trekkers & adventure sports, it levels up your adrenaline rush.

Beautiful himalayan town situated at 2,000 meters above sea level next to the bank of Beas river. It is adorned with alpine trees, deodar forests, snow capped mountains, verdant meadows that charm the tourists’ adventurers. Manali is an ideal trekking location in the Himalayas. It offers beginners to challenging high altitude treks to test your limits.

Every year thousands to nature enthusiasts visit Manali to witness the daunting sceneries which motivate them to go uncharted places. Trekking in Manali has many stories to share so visit Manali to hear all of them. Here are the best treks in & around Manali to do.


Here are the Best Treks To Do In & Around Manali


1). Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek, Manali with Heaven Riders India

Trekkers experience the prettiest grasslands with lush highlands.

Duration: 3 days
Max elevation: 14,000 ft
Starting point: Gulaba
Endpoint: Gulaba
Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

Bhrigu Lake is a tranquil lake located in Manali. It is a high altitude lake alpine that takes you to a height of 14,000ft in just three days after an arduous climbing. On first day, trail goes through verdant meadows, undulating valleys and green highlands that will lead you to the campsite of Rola Kholi. On the second day, you will be trekking to the oval-shaped lake, cutting through rough patches of rocks. The lake is said to be pristine and changes colors with seasons.

The trekkers get to witness the peaks of Seven sisters, Mt Hanuman Tibba illuminating from the Himalayan range.

The nature lovers cannot stop gushing on the beauty around the lake which resembles the landscapes of Switzerland. There are many local folklores about this lake which historical and religious implications. One of the most famous myths of Brigu lake that is Sage Bhrigu used to mediate in the banks of the lake and many Gods of the Kullu valley had said to have dipped into the holy waters of the lake that makes it pristine for the devotees.

2). Hampta Pass Trek

Ballu Ka Ghera Campsite, Hampta Pass Trek with Heaven Riders India

Chandratal lake is the real bliss of Hampta Pass Trek

Duration: 5 days
Max elevation:14,100ft
Starting point: Manali
Endpoint: Chatru
Difficulty: Moderate

Hampta Pass is a stunning Trans Himalayan cross over trek to Spiti from Manali. It is located at an altitude of 4270m 14040 ft. above sea level. There are too many variations in the trails from green lush sceneries to open pastures, thundering water streams, glacial valleys and rolling gorges. It is one of the most famous treks in Manali and acts as a passage to Lahaul and Spiti from Kullu.

Majestic Himalayan peaks can be spotted like Mt Indrasan, Mt Deo Tibba and many more.

The dramatic trail passes from the lush green sceneries of Kullu Valley to the starkly desolated valley of Lahaul and Spiti. It lies on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas and considered one of the most beautiful treks. The Trekkers start from Lush Jobra campsite of Kullu valley and then meander through the Pir Panjal range near the Lahaul Valley before ending at Chatru near Chandratal lake.

3). Sar Pass Trek

Top five treks in Manali to do in 2020

Trekkers experience the longest Himalayan Snow Slides from Sar Pass

Duration: 5 days
Max Elevation: 13,779 ft
Starting point: Kasol
Endpoint: Barshaini
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Sar Pass is a stunning trek from Kasol ending in Barhseini of Parvati Valley. The perfect trek for beginners and for those who want to experience different kinds of terrain, snow. Sar Pass is recommended for all those who love adventure, snowy landscapes, and high mountains. The trek starts from Kasol where you will pass through pine forests, magnificent meadows, snow-capped mountains and some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes.

Kasol is well known as the mini Israel of India and it offers genuine Israel food and many other cuisines like Indian, Italian, French, Chinese and Continental. Grahan is a quaint village surrounded by traditional Himalayan houses, rhododendron forests once you reach the pass which is almost close to 14,000ft. Views from the pass is breathtaking because of the majestic mountains of Parvati Valley and green pastures.

4). Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Top five treks in Manali to do in 2020. Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Deo Tibba base camp is a marvelous Himalayan Trek in Manali

Duration: 6 days
Max Elevation: 14,700 ft
Starting point: Manali
End point: Manali
Difficulty level: Moderate

It is also known as the Chota Chandratal trek in the Manali region. The trail goes through lush green meadows, alpine forests for, oak, scented junipers silver birches then spruce giving a phenomenal set up of the landscapes. It is home to many animals, birds, flora and fauna embellished with flat meadows – flourishing carpet highlighted by scores wildflowers at Chikka campsite. Chota Chandratal lake located at the foot of Deo Tibba, is the main highlight of the trek.

The dome-shaped peak of Deo Tibba is where God’s sit. The name ‘Deo means God’ and ‘Tibba means Hill’. It was believed that the King of Heaven and God’s- Indra conducts a meeting with them from this throne that is – Mt. Indrasan. The entire trail is varied and Mt. Deo Tibba is clearly visible throughout the trail. Not only this, the trekkers get to see astonishing views of the mountains like Deo Tibba (6001m), Norbu Peak (5226m) & Jagatsukh Peak. (5050m).

5). Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Top five treks in Manali to do in 2020. Pin Parvati pass trek with Heaven Riders India

Pin Parvati Pass Trek meant only for the experienced high altitude trekkers

Duration: 11 days, 110kms.
Max elevation:17,475 feet
Starting point: Barshaini, Kasol
Endpoint: Mudh, Spiti
Difficulty level: Moderate-High.

Pin Parvati Pass is a challenging trek and located at the height of 5,319 meters above sea level. It starts from Barshaini in Parvati Valley of Kullu District and ending in Mudh Village of Pin Valley National Park, Spiti. The Pass is named after the link of Parvati Valley to Pin Valley. The most exciting part of this trek is that there is abundant beauty of nature with attractive landscapes, undulated valleys, lush greenery, alpine forests.

Pin Parvati pass trek starts from Barshaini, which is located a few kilometers from Kheerganga. You will cross endless meadows and beautiful wildflowers starting from Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj. There are attractive villages, bright sea cliffs, and extremely high chilling waterfalls. This magnificent trek then further leads to Mantalai Lake trek to Pin Parvati Pass at 17,500ft high. While reaching Pin Valley, you will come across various wildflowers and endangered species especially Himalayan Red Fox, Snow Leopards and Himalayan Birds.


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