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Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake

Manali, Himachal Pardesh
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Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake


0-15° C


26 km


14100 ft

Best Time



5 Days




The Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake is a spectacular Trans Himalayan cross-over trek that will take your breath away with dramatic and rapid changes in scenery.

Before we get into the details of this trek, let’s have a look at what Hampta Pass Trekking is all about. The trek begins at the Jobra campground, which is perched at a height of over 14,000 feet and surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. From here, one will pass through a variety of woodlands. The next campsite is Jwara, which is decorated with a carpet of flowers in a short wildflower meadow at the valley’s meeting point. The drama on the ground will welcome you with open arms.

From a lush verdant valley to a bleak, freezing desert. Balu Ka Ghera is the next campsite after crossing Jwara, followed by Shea Goru, the desert oasis. Chandratal Lake is a must-see destination. No other trip will provide views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and a stunning blue water lake like Hampta Pass. When you enter Lahaul via Hampta Pass, your entire experience and perspective change.

Heaven Riders India offers you the chance to trek across Hampta Pass and visit Chandratal Lake in Lahaul and Spiti. The journey begins and ends in Manali, one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world.

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Day 1: Manali to Chika via Jobra
Day 1: Manali to Chika via Jobra

• Altitude:- Jobra 9,800ft to Chika 10,100ft
• Manali to Jobra is a 2-hour drive
• Jobra to Chika is a 2-kilometer, Which means a 45-minute trek.
• Enough water through the trail
• Easy to Moderate trail.

It takes 2 hours to drive from Manali to Jobra. The 42 hairpin twists to the last road head are an important feature of the route. Manali sits at a height of 6,700 feet above sea level. It's an excellent spot to acclimate before beginning the trek. You will reach a height of 10,100 feet on the first day. The hike begins at the Allain Guhugal Hydel Project Junction on foot. A variety of trees, such as maple, deodar, and oak, can be found while crossing the main route. The view is very stunning. Trekkers would be greeted by a beautiful vegetation meadows after 20 minutes of trekking. Between the meadow and the Rani nallah is the Rani nallah.

The trekkers would be taken aback by the bizarre sight of a few sheep and cows grazing in the field. You rise up the hill on the left side of the meadow as you cross it. At the further end of the broad field, Chika can be found. This path is very picturesque and features a large green stretch. With the Rani River flowing, pithing the tents is a breeze.

Day 2: Chika (10,100ft) to Balu Ka Ghera (11,900ft, Trek 5-6 hours)
Day 2: Chika (10,100ft) to Balu Ka Ghera (11,900ft, Trek 5-6 hours)

• Altitude:- 10,100ft to 11,900ft
• 8.5Km, 6hr trek
• Moderate trail, gradual ascent
• Enough water on the way
• On the way, there's a river crossing, a boulder walk, and some brightly
colored small flowers.
This trail leads to rocky terrain with a sloping incline. The elevation is gentle, and the majestic Dhauladhar range can be seen in the distance. When one gets a glance at the Indrasan Peak, it is worth drooling over. The panorama becomes fairytale-like, and the grade progressively rises until you reach Jwara Nala. The River Crossing is the most thrilling part. The river crossing is not for the faint of heart, since it necessitates extreme caution. So, on this day, you'll have to cross two rivers: one at Chika Campsite and another near Jwara.

For adventurers, this is an exciting and magnificent time as you must open your shoes because the water level will reach your knee. After crossing the river, you will also experience numbness in your feet owing to the incredibly cold water.

Day 3: Balu ka Ghera (11,900ft) to Shea Goru(12,900ft) Crossing Hampta Pass (14,100ft)
Day 3: Balu ka Ghera (11,900ft) to Shea Goru(12,900ft) Crossing Hampta Pass (14,100ft)

• Altitude: 11,900ft to 14,100ft (Hampta Pass) to 12,900ft (Shea Goru)
• 7 km, 10hr hike
• Getting water is difficult, It will depend on the snow conditions
• A steady incline for the first hour, then a steep ascent to the pass
• From the Pass, it takes around 2 hours to descend steeply and 1 hour to walk
flat to the campsite
• It is the coldest location of the Hampta Pass Trek
• Remain in the tent and rest.

Because Hampta Valley is a tiny valley, there are tremendous contrasts in scenery. Because the valley is funnel-shaped and stays that way until the very end of the climb to Chhatru, the environment is extremely rich. Trekkers are ecstatic on this day because it is the descending portion, i.e. the descent to the Shea Goru Camp. The Indrasan Peak, Mt. Deo Tibba, and the massive glacier can all be seen from Hampta Pass. It will take around 8 hours to reach Shea goru, with a moderate ascent. Prepare yourself for the descent because it is slick and full of rocks and loose soil. While crossing the pass, this can be tough on your knees, therefore it's best to walk.

Day 4: Shea Goru (12,900ft) to Chhatru (11,000ft). Drive to Chandratal Lake (5 Hours)
Day 4: Shea Goru (12,900ft) to Chhatru (11,000ft). Drive to Chandratal Lake (5 Hours)

• Altitude: - 12,900ft to 11,000ft
• 7Km, 5hr trek
• Gradual descent on the moraine
• On day 4 or 5, drive to Chandratal and back to Chhatru camp location
(depends on road and weather conditions)

Everyone's favorite camping is Shea Goru. The contrast can be seen in the scenery. It's Lahaul's magnificent barren valley. Not only that, but the inclusion of a wildflower and a small stream passing by adds to the ethereal quality of the scene. Every mountain lover's fantasy scenery, with such gorgeous sceneries, drives trekkers and nature enthusiasts insane. The entire panorama of Hampta Pass is dominated by the Lahaul and Spiti ranges, as well as the Pir-Panjal Range. Trek to the Chhatru campground. If the roads are passable, you can bike to Chandratal Lake, which is around 41 kilometers away and takes 2 hours to arrive. Every one of us has heard of Ladakh's Pangong Lake.

The lake at Chandratal is absolutely magnificent and equally lovely. Drive to the Chandratal Lake in the Lahaul and Spiti area, which is a stunning emerald blue lake. It's the cherry on top of the cake because of the brilliant colours of the lake and the desert mountain. Later, return to Chhatru for the night. Chandratal is not where we will be staying. I'm merely a participant in the Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake.

Day 5: Chhatru to Manali via Rohtang Pass (Drive 6 Hours)
Day 5: Chhatru to Manali via Rohtang Pass (Drive 6 Hours)

The drive from Chhatru is breathtakingly beautiful. Witness magnificent views of Rohtang Pass, other mountain ranges, and Kullu and Manali's little hamlets. The final day will be a quiet day, and the five lavish adventurous days in Himachal Pradesh will come to a close.

  • During the Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake, you will be staying in communal campgrounds
  • Transportation as per itinerary (Manali to Manali) rest depends on weather & road conditions.
  • While on the walk, healthy and nutritious meals (Day 1 Lunch to Day 5 Lunch).
  • Morning & Evening Tea with Cookies.
  • Soup in the evening.
  • Pick & Drop to Manali.
  • Camping Equipment like Tents, Sleeping Bag, Mattress, Kitchen & Dining equipment, etc.
  • All required Forest, Camping, and Trekking Permits, as well as entry fees.
  • Basic First Aid Medical Kit.
  • Trek leader and support staff that have completed a mountaineering course and are experts in their field (Local Guide, Cook, Porter, Mule & Helper).
  • Any Services not mentioned in the inclusions.
  • Any insurance, air/train/Volvo ticket costs, hospitalization costs, emergency evacuation costs, rescue costs, off-loading costs, personal porter costs, mule costs, and so on.
  • Any costs incurred as a result of inclement weather, road closures, or other factors beyond our control must be paid by the trekker/customer on the spot.
  • Not included are any personal expenses like as tips, mineral water, and snacks/meals.
  • Taxes.
  • Wind & Waterproof Jacket (lightweight).
  • Fleece-2, Trek Pant -2, Full Sleeve T-shirt-2, T-shirts – 2, Warm nightwear set.
  • Warmers/Thermal-1 pair (Top & Lower).
  • Woolen Cap, Neck-Warmer, Waterproof Gloves, Woolen Socks-2, Normal Socks-5, Sun Cap, Early-Dry Towel.
  • Poncho/Rain Suit (Mandatory).
  • Waterproof Trekking Shoes with Good Grip.
  • Cold Cream, Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm/ Lip Guard, Personal Toilet Kit and Toilet Paper.
  • Personal Medicines.
  • Water bottle – 2 (Mandatory).
  • Goggles – 1, Trekking Pole – 1 (Mandatory).
  • Personal Medications
  • Backpack 45 Ltrs.
  • and most important the Adventure Spirit.
– Trekker has to carry his/her bagpack by own if someone requires a off-loading or personal porter, ask while bookings so we can arrange accordingly. Charges extra.
– Please don’t come with Sports Shoe, Trolley Bags, & Jeans.
– Pack light as much as you can or ask HRI expert to help you.
  • Secure Bookings: We at Team Heaven Riders India work with a safe & secure bookings gateway. Don’t worry about your credentials. Our expert team will help you to book your next Himalayan experience.
  • Safety: We breathe in the term ‘Safety’ as this is our utmost priority. A suitable environment for all members so don’t no worry in that case. We have tremendous experienced leaders where all of them are well-trained professionals. They’ve memorized the safety procedures like the back of their hands. Also, our support staff is well-behaved & they respect all.
  • Smaller Batches: We believe in the concept of Small batches’ that improves quality & focus. also helps our Leader to get connect all members.
  • Itinerary: Our team of experts crafted all the itineraries very carefully so all the travelers can acclimatize properly & refined from our experience of leading hundreds of expeditions.
  • Equipment: While organizing trekking in Himalayas Team Heaven Riders uses high-quality equipment as per the guidelines of IMF Indian Mountaineering Foundation. From tents to sleeping bags to ropes and other technical gear like roped, microspikes, and gaiters, everything is tested and certified. HRI trek leaders always carry portable Oxygen & Basic First-Aid Medical Kit, Oximeter with them.
  • Clean Trails: Team Heaven Riders is a firm believer in the Leave No Trace philosophy, and we encourage all of our riders to not toss trash or plastic rapers on our rides. Our goal is also to improve the well-being of local people and to keep the Himalayas clean and green. We value nature and are attempting to improve it at the same time.

In nature, the Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake is regarded as a moderate trek. The trail ascends to a height of over 14,100 feet. There is a significant altitude gain, from Jobra to Jwara (9,800ft to 11,000ft), which necessitates the use of very powerful lungs.

The Hampta Pass trip necessitates a high level of cardiovascular fitness. And you might be considering how to strengthen your lungs? To begin, go for a jog every day. Begin jogging slowly and gradually increase your speed. As a result, cardiovascular endurance exercises are highly vital for making your lungs stronger than before.

The Workouts

  • Walking with a 10kg rucksack strapped on your back is a terrific way to shape your legs and body. It aids in the burning of calories, the reduction of excess weight, and the strengthening of your body.
  • For high ascents, stair climbing is the finest workout. Include it in your training routine.
  • Jogging can help you live longer by strengthening your lungs and improving your life. It’s a high-intensity aerobic activity that necessitates a lot of oxygen. This is an excellent activity for preventing weight and maintaining good health.
  • Squats are the most effective functional exercise for improving balance. Legs, thighs, hips, and hamstrings are also strengthened.
  • Pull-ups, push-ups, sprints, mountain climber, burpee, jumping jacks, and 60-second plank (3-5 sets each).
  • Pushing your body upstairs after stair climbing is another fantastic cardiovascular exercise. This is often considered to be the most effective workout for improving strength and power. Carrying an 18kg pack also helps a lot.
  • Finally, remember to pamper your body with some breathing exercises, Yoga, and Meditation.
  • For the best outcomes, eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough of rest.

Remember to bring appropriate clothing, remain hydrated, and stay warm to properly acclimate.

We totally understand that unforeseen circumstances might need you to change plans, and so HRI cancellation policy makes it easier to do that. Please read them very carefully.

  • Cancellations up to 30 days prior to departure date – 10% deduction (payment gateway & bank charges).
  • Between 30 days to 15 days prior to departure – 50% deduction.
  • There will be no refund if you cancel within 15 days before your departure.
  • In any case, the Booking money is non-refundable under the partial payment arrangement.

In case of any unforeseen weather conditions, government restrictions, road blockage or any other unavoidable circumstances beyond our control, certain activities during the expedition or the event itself may be cancelled/skipped, or there could be change in the itinerary.

In such instances, we will do our utmost to find an alternative activity or offer you with a voucher (in the case of event cancellation or rescheduling).

However, there would be no financial refund for the same. You will receive a full refund if the trip is cancelled by us due to a lack of a minimum number of individuals in the batch. Additionally, if you purchased trip insurance, rentals, off-loading, or other activities, you will not receive a refund. The booking cost is non-refundable in any case while using the partial payment mechanism.

All refunds will be sent to the same bank account or credit card account that was used to make the purchase. Within 10 working days, the refund amount will be completed. The amount of the refund will always be computed based on the net amount paid* for the event booking and the Base Price of the event. (excluding all additional services transport, rent, portage, etc.). Any voucher issued would not include the service tax amount paid while making the booking. For more info : Terms & Condition

Itineraries are subject to change and are dependent on information available at the time of preparation. As conditions permit, “Heaven Riders India” retains the right to change expedition dates, people, or itinerary. The cost of delays and/or other changes is the responsibility of the participant if a trip must be delayed or the itinerary changed due to bad weather, road conditions, transportation delays, government intervention, airline schedules, sickness, or other contingency for which HRI or its agents cannot make provision. For any reason, HRI reserves the right to refuse or accept any individual as a tour member.

– STRICTLY NO LITTERING take belongings back
– Carry original and copy of valid ID
– Insurance is mandatory for all
– Participants should be 15+ years old.
– Leader’s decision is final, and will have to be followed by all the climbers
– Behave well with staff and respect the locals & also their beliefs & rituals
– consumption of alcohol and smoking is prohibited during the trip/expedition/trek.
– Any tax/entry fee imposed by the Govt. budget, Administration, or new policy.
– On Expeditions, at Base Camp, ration and equipment are equally distributed among the climbers for load ferry.
– All Technical Gears will be UIAA Certified. Any loss/damage will be charged @1.5 times of actual value to cover up shipping and customs duties OR you can arrange by you
– No show and trek changes/cancellation due to bad weather or natural calamity will be non-refundable
– In case reserve day for summit attempt is utilized, an additional amount would be charged.
– Our team reserves the right to change the plan/itinerary in case there is danger involved.
– Any additional costs due to weather/unforeseen situations, cost of rescue will have to be borne by the climber/you.
– Carry your personal luggage on your own, if you don’t wish to carry it, you can give it to the porter, but you have to inform us in advance and have to pay extra on the basis of per day per bag.
– Extreme Himalayan Trips require a good amount of physical fitness, stamina, and endurance so prepare accordingly.
– In case of bad health, sickness/illness, AMS the participant would be sent back and no refund to be provided. Participant has to bear all the costs beyond.

For any further clarifications ask while bookings


What documents I have to carry for Hampta Pass Trekking?
You must have to carry both original & copy of valid Govt. Id (any of Passport/Aadhar card/Driving License), NOC form (by participant), Medical Certificate (signed by a registered MBBS doctor with stamp), 2 passport size photos along with you and submit them to Trek Leader at base during briefing.
What kind of toilet facility you are providing during Hampta Pass Trekking?
Toilet tents would be there at Prashar lake campsite. Basically, we use dry toilets which is one of the best way to answer nature call in the wilderness. Dry toilets means, we dig a pit and keep mud & shovel so once you are done with your business you can cover it up using mud. It is the most hygienic way in the mountains. As we indicated in the items to bring/essentials section, you should bring toiletries.
How many trekkers will be in one tent?
We use 3+ persons tents at our campsite. There will be three persons accommodating in one tent. If you want tent for One or Two, please ask while bookings. Customization available on extra cost.
I'm the solo female traveler, is it safe?
Girls safety is important to us. Our entire mountain staff & guides are extremely trust worthy. Many solo woman travelers trek with us so there's no worry about it. We would advise all to take care of your belongings.
What type of food is served during Hampta Pass Trek?
We serve nutritious Indian vegetarian food with eggs. Jain food also available on request please ask while bookings.
How big are the groups?
We at HRI believe in the concept of Small batches' that improves quality & focus and help trek leader to get connect all members. For private groups there's no limit of group size.
How much weight do I have to carry?
Your load will depend on things that are packed by you in the sack. On an average trekkers carry between 6-8 kg of weight with clothing’s, cameras, energy bars, dry fruits, water bottle etc. Off-loading option available on extra cost. Please ask while bookings. We advise you to pack light.
What if an emergency occurred?
In any case of any emergency our mountain staff is skilled and trained for such situations held at mountains. Our team always carry first aid kit, oximeter and portable oxygen with us and in any emergency we'll rescue the trekker till the road head. All of the costs of rescue/evacuation, hospitalization is to borne by the trekker. Overall, it is the trekker's responsibility to obtain a certified medical fitness document prior to the trek, certifying that the trekker is physically fit for the journey.
Can I charge my phone on the trek?
No you won’t find any charging point. We advise you to carry a power bank to charge your phone & digital camera.
Can I do calls during the trek?
No, you won't be able to connect to the internet during your walk. Please send this to any worried family members ahead of time.
Which type of shoes should I buy for Hampta Pass Trekking?
Because good trekking shoes are the most vital component of the walk, you must be extremely cautious while purchasing them. Always buy .5 or 1.0 extra size for better results. They must be waterproof. Decathlon sells trekking shoes from Quechua and other well-known brands. Don't come to trek with sports shoes, they are worst on trek.
Can take or have smokes or liquor on the Hampta Pass Trek?
Without a doubt, no. During the walk, smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited. On higher altitudes, this produces dehydration, which invites Acute Mountain Sickness. We strongly advise you not to bring such items with you, as you will be disqualified and sent back to the roadhead in the middle of the walk.
What happens if the trek is postponed due to natural disasters?
Trek preparations are already done previously. We will be offering you any alternate trek or voucher having similar value for money in case of natural calamities. In case of non-completion of trek due to weather conditions etc there wont be any refund. In partial payment system, Booking amount is Non-Refundable in any case. Please read cancellation policy carefully.

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